Why Pick Myklin for Your Website Hosting?

  Yes, I want the personalized attention I deserve.

    No thanks, I like being a number.


We have stimulus grant money available to help you do your market research. Details here.


You get personal attention to your website hosting and access to our unique marketing resources. 

 If all you want is the lowest price for web hosting, you will NOT find it here. That is not what we offer.

 We are more than just a web hosting service. We are willing to show you exactly how we get Page 1, Top 5 SERP's every day in Google, MSN, Yahoo and Bing. This is a membership site - you get access to the unique marketing materials with our hosting services.

1. Your website hosting account is assigned personally to one of our staff and I oversee every one.
2. You will always have the same person to answer your questions because we don’t run anonymous support desks.
3. You will get access to our ever-expanding libraries of articles, guides and explanations of “best practices” that other people must pay to see. These include the beginners steps of creating content (what free software we use ourselves) up to advanced techniques for social networking and repurposing existing content for new income streams.
4. You will get alerts before we tell other others when “best practices” change (and the Internet changes every day, doesn’t it.)

If these aren’t enough reasons not to be a number in some huge corporate hosting service let me add a few others.

5. Our prices for website hosting are about the same as the corporate giants (which should make you wonder why they don't offer more).
6. Monthly Refunds - Every month we pick one of our established clients and give them a free month of services.
7. Because Myklin also started as a small business we KNOW the challenges you face. We learned how to grow and we can help you grow too.
8. I developed our reputation through practicing SEO. Since 2002 I have had page 1 results in Google, Yahoo, and MSN every day for myself and my clients. We are now getting the same results with Bing and can show you how to do this for yourself.
9. Unlike some of the big corporate hosting plans you can run active scripts with our hosting (i.e .Joomla, PHP Support Desk, etc. Nice to have the choice, isn't it.)
10. When you have questions about marketing we will not tell you to spend more money on our ad networks (I really had that response from Y**hoo when I started and needed some advice). Your answer will fit your needs, not ours. The more successful you are, the better we will do – it really is that simple.

Your Choice

So now you have a choice to either become a number in one of the big corporate databases or choose personalized services with someone who wants you to succeed (that’s me, btw). We offer the same tools and services as the big companies but we can treat you like a person.

Look at # 3 above again. How many other hosting companies can really teach you how to get the results you need to be successful?

Yes, I want the personalized attention I deserve.                    No thanks, I like being a number.