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 A portion of your monthly hosting supports bee research and breeding programs in Oklahoma.

  It is a sad fact that the United States has lost most of our honey bees.The impact of this loss is so far reaching it sounds like "end of the world" prophecies.

  • Honey bees are the only insects that produce food for humans.
  • The honey bee is totally responsible for the pollination of over 90 fruit and vegetable crops worldwide.
 In 2008 we were asked by a local beekeeper to help support research and breeding programs in Oklahoma. He is one of the beekeepers who has NOT suffered losses due to the colony collapse disorder (CCD) problems sweeping across the country. We were happy to help him expand and  he has successfully increased the number of hives he manages. He is currently working with a strain of bees that seem less susceptible to diseases like CCD. Time will tell how successful this will be but we support his efforts to raise bees in a non-commercial setting.

  We find this to be very encouraging and hope you will join with us to continue his early success.

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